Pool and Landscaping

Can a New Pool and Landscaping Help Increase Your Homes Value?

That is a question many people ask when deciding whether or not to have a new pool and landscaping done to their home. The answer is yes and no, with home values and appraisals being revised over the last few years, the value of a pool is not given as much weight as it once did before. Landscaping however is still considered about the same as it was a few years back. One must take into consideration though, that a nicely done landscaping and a custom pool will help bring you the higher price in your neighborhood when it is time to sell your home. Many people will pay a higher premium for a house that is well kept and is aesthetically pleasing as this will be were they will spend most of their time with their family and friends. I think the answer is within the consumer who will want to enjoy their home while living in it and know that they may not increase the value by a significant amount, but should now if the swimming pool and landscape is of high quality, it will help you get top dollar when you decide to sell.


We looked a many types of homes and neighborhoods to see how if it made a difference and also asked a pool and landscape contractor for their input to see what take they may have with homes and property they have done. We looked in many areas of Arizona and concentrated on the Phoenix metro area for some feedback. Arizona pool builders are some of the busiest contractors as the weather in Arizona is conducive to having a pool and yard that can be used year round. We found that many consumers don’t look at how much it will increase the value of their property, but more on how it will satisfy their family and entertainment needs. Many people treat it as a good way to have a vacation or resort like feel in their own home and do not have to travel and spend a lot of money on a vacation when they can use their own backyards to accomplish the same.